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Aug 25, 2011 4:30pm PDT
, the african union holds a donor conference to address the famine. steve jobs resigned as ceo of apple, prompting questions about the future of the maker of the iphone. rebel forces in libya are still facing fierce resistance from troops who apparently remained loyal to colonel muammar gaddafi. fighting is being reported in several parts of the capital despite the fact that gaddafi's command and control center has been overrun by the rebel forces. the rebels are desperate to find him. >> rebels scoured gaddafi's extensive bunker and tunnel system. that under its control centers and underground transport vehicles. be elicited strong man was not to be found. -- the elusive a strong man was not to be found. at last, a sign of life. libyan state television broadcast an audio message from muammar gaddafi. nato has resumed airstrikes on bill loyalists positions in the south of tripoli, a rocket attack has also been reported. not far away, rebels reportedly liberated hundreds of prisoners from a jail. the rebels have called on all libyans to join their armed struggle against gaddafi. at tripo
Aug 25, 2011 6:00pm PDT
unique genius relinquishes control. steve -- steven jobs has been synonymous with apple's staggering success. he truly defined the apple brand. after years otrtmt r cancer and related conditions, joss says he can no longer are fulfill his duties as the head of the company. he will be replaced byim cook. apple's shares finished lower by just about one% on thursday. >> anyone can make music now. >> steve jobs stands out as a visionary to transform the way people relate to computer technology. unr s leadership, apple products became a must-have all items. he was the guiding force behind the ipod, kaifeng, and ipad. >> -- the iphone, and ipad. >> steve jobs since the way that we handle music. he changed the way we use computers. >> as apple continued to grow, so did criticism of the corporation. there have been concerns about labor cditions anth chinese factories. even so, apple possible as market trend setter is undisputed. on thursday, a german court ruled that the south korean firm could not sell its galaxy task in germany. >> shares in bank of america soared by as much as 26% in earl
Aug 31, 2011 4:30pm PDT
to be upheld by the german constitutional court next week. >> steve is here to tell us about a deal that is not being put through, so to speak. >> the u.s. competition council is blocking at&t + $39 billion takeover of two mobile. they have said that the combination would hurt competition and likely lead to higher prices for customers. shares of t mobil's parent company plunged on the news. this would have created a giant in mobile telephony that at&t argued would provide better service to more of the u.s. market. the justice department said there would be less pressure on the few large players left to keep prices down and improve service. at&t is pursuing efforts to rescue the merger. while european markets suffer markets for the month as a whole, shares did rally on the last day of august. the one german exception, deutsche telekom. >> the ceo has a problem, that is what a trader said. telekom shares nose dive with a drop of 8%. this is the only sure that was losing. what you do now in the u.s.? invest? one decided for a sale but that does not seem possible now. many questions rem
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)